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Perlethorpe Post Office

Above: The road over the bridge to what was the Perlethorpe Post Office. (Photo 1986). Below: The same road during the floods of 2014.
Perlethorpe Post Office also served as the only shop in Perlethorpe Village, and was situated in Meadow Cottage, at the end of a road which crosses the narrow River Meden. In 1940 Mrs Dawson ran the post office, to be succeeded by Mrs Blanshard by 1955. Mrs Blanshard had been an infant teacher at Perlethorpe School between 1910 - 1919, but retired to look after her husband who had been demobilized in World War 1.

Children's sweets would be weighed out from the large glass bottles behind the counter, whilst a "Fry's Five Boys" advert on the wall above heralded the post war arrival of pre-packaged confectioneries. "Sugar Pigs" (literally a large block of sugar shaped like a pig) were very popular, as were the new Lucky Bags which concealed a secret toy. In this way the children of the 50's would keep the dental profession in business for decades to come!
Mrs Blanshard would collect the letters from Perlethorpe Village's only post box on the wall to the right of the door. (Still visible in the1986 picture above). She would then use sealing wax to secure them inside a large brown post sack, this procedure being a veritable treat for the children who would stand transfixed at the sight and smells of her ritual. My sister and I were regular visitors to the post office, apportioning our pocket money as much towards note books as sweets; dull brown exercise books were threepence, whilst the glossy red one accounted for the full sixpence, and nothing left over for sweetie cigarettes.

In May 1999 Perlethorpe Post Office closed down when the final postmistress to work there, Sue Rose, resigned.

Jack Williamson, author of the booklet "My Life on a Nottinghamshire Country Estate", was born in the cottage next door, just visible at the edge of the frame.

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Blogger robin hood said...

Perlethorpe Village, Thoresby Park, Sherwood Forest, the Dukeries, Thoresby Hall, history.

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Blogger robin hood said...

Pierrepont, Manvers, Dukeries, Thoresby Hall, Thoresby Hotel, Thoresby Park, Perlethorpe, Perlethorpe Village, Ollerton, Budby, Sherwood Forest.

Woodyard, Perlethorpe School, Perlethope Church, Budby.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabulous site bringing back memories of living at Thoresby where my Father was a gardener at the estate in 1964/65. We lived in the stable flats. During his time at Thoresby , while digging for leaf mould mulch in the forest, my Father stumbled on the statue of Robin Hood half buried in the ground. The Countess Manvers was away in Europe at the time. The statue was placed with a rose garden around it, as a surpise. On her return she was said to dislike it, but kept it as a tourist attraction.
How great to see it still there!
Many thanks for your site. I also remember Mr. Bollans,as I started school at Perlethorpe, 1964/1965.
Our family now resides in Perth ,Western Australia.

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Blogger robin hood said...

Thanks Denise.

I left the Estate c.1963/4, so it sounds like you were arriving as I was leaving.

My Grandfather was the head gardener at the Hall before the dates you mention. probably about 1960. I'll be posting a picture of him in due course.

i have to say though, that the story of finding Robin in the forest during 1963 / 64 sounds a little odd. The statue was always in front of the Hall during my time there (c.1950 - 64), appearing on many postcards, photographs, and a constant source of attraction to us all. (I believe his bow had to be replaced a couple of times). Today the statue stands in the courtyard (once the stables, now the art gallery and restaurant), due to the risk of vandalism once Lady Manvers passed on and the Hall was closed.

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Blogger John Singleton said...

ive just come across this wonderfull memory of thoresby park specialy the photograph of all of the kids i went to school with all my family come from perlethorpe i was born there married there and eldest son was born in the alms houses id like to thank all who have done the things on here it brings back so many memories yours john singleton

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