Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sherwood Forest Visitors Centre, Edwinstowe

These Robin Hood statues stand in the shade of the trees surrounding the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, Edwinstowe. The famous contest between Robin Hood and Little John when first meeting on a bridge over the River Leen in Sherwood Forest is well represented. On that day, neither man would give way, and after Little John won the contest Robin promptly asked him to join his Merry Men. Edwinstowe Village also boasts the church where Robin Hood and Maid Marian were married.

Robin Hood's Tree, the Major Oak, had already been a popular attraction for many decades before 1969 when Thoresby Estate leased the land to Nottingham County Council for the purpose of a more organised approach to the lucrative tourist trade. Working on a limited budget, the Sherwood Forest Visitor's Centre, Edwinstowe, contains several delights for Robin Hood fans. But it is also of great interest to those with an interest in British Wildlife. The walk down to the Major Oak tree is a delightful way to enjoy the mystical, enchantment of this most ancient forest.
For more information about Robin Hood visit my Robin Hood blog.

For more information about Robin Hood's Tree, the Major Oak, see THIS LINK. For video of the tree see THIS LINK.

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Sherwood Forest Visitors centre is highly recommended for a family day out.

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Sherwood Forest, the Dukeries, Thoresby park, history.

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Pierrepont, Manvers, Dukeries, Thoresby Hall, Thoresby Hotel, Thoresby Park, Perlethorpe, Perlethorpe Village, Ollerton, Budby, Sherwood Forest.

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