Sunday, July 09, 2006

River Meden, Perlethorpe, Thoresby Estate

The River Meden, called the River Medin as late as the 16th century, winds a picturesque course from where once stood the stone Mills and cottages of Warsop, through Budby, before being dammed to form Thoresby Lake, and then continuing its journey through Thoresby Estate to Perlethorpe, soon after which it merges with the rivers Maun and Poulter. It was this reliable source of water which must have attracted Saxon and probably earlier Viking settlements in the area. (Watch video of the place the River Meden meets the River Maun on THIS LINK).
The River Meden's winding journey through Thoresby made several small bridges necessary and researchers need to take care when they name what may or may not be Thoresby Bridge. These photographs from 1984 depict the River Meden as it passes through Perlethorpe Village. Top: A small bridge links the village with Perlethorpe Post Office. This would be the view walking away from the post office and towards the village, with the early 1950's red brick bungalows on the left and the white game keeper's lodge often referred to as White House coming into sight. There was once a mill on the side of this river, just north of Home farm, and powered by a water wheel. In 1875 one George Mawson started work there.

 Above & below: The floods of 2014 as the water level completely obscured the arch of the bridge.
Above: River Meden as it runs by Thoresby Hall. (2018)

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River Meden, as it runs through Perlethorpe Village.

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Perlethorpe Village, Thoresby Park, Sherwood Forest, the Dukeries, Thoresby Hall, history.

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Pierrepont, Manvers, Dukeries, Thoresby Hall, Thoresby Hotel, Thoresby Park, Perlethorpe, Perlethorpe Village, Ollerton, Budby, Sherwood Forest.

Woodyard, Perlethorpe School, Perlethope Church, Budby.

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