Saturday, May 13, 2006

Thoresby Park Bank Holiday 1959

Even in the 19th century Thoresby Hall had frequently invited tourists and sight-seers when it was convenient and the Earl was away. However, in 1957 Major Beattie (then husband to Lady Rozelle,  daughter of Countess Manvers), oversaw the formal procedures of making Thoresby Hall open to the general public on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Bank Holidays. To mark this auspicious occasion he invited the voluptuous 1950's blonde celebrity Sabrina, whose "Sabrina Slept Here" publicity stunt had been targeted at several Stately Homes. Sabrina duly slept in Thoresby Hall on the night of 28th March 1957, the cause of much bawdy humour amongst male workers across the estate. It was also the Major's plan to have Sabrina dress as Maid Marian the following day (see picture above with Robin Hood statue) and serve the first guests with venison. As Lady Rozelle and Countess Manvers were holidaying in the Mediterranean at the time one might guess at their feelings on the matter.
Above: Thoresby Hall on a postcard dated August Bank Holiday, 1959, just two years after the Hall was opened to the public, but long after Sabrina had left the building. If you visited Thoresby Hall at this time admission was 2 shillings and sixpence (25p) per adult, children half price. Car parking was 1 shilling (10p), motorcycles half price. An admission figure of 46,000 in 1963 shows how popular an attraction Thoresby Hall quickly became. To see the Souvenir Brochure visitors bought during their visit see THIS LINK.

Above: The West front of Thoresby Hall.

To watch a video of permitted Thoresby Walks see THIS LINK. To watch video of Thoresby hall interior see THIS LINK. To read about Thoresby Hall's final days as a stately home open to the public, see THIS LINK.

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Sabrina at Thoresby hall.

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