Saturday, May 13, 2006

Robin Hood Statue

This postcard shows the Tussaud - Birt statue of Robin Hood situated in its original location outside the main entrance to Thoresby Hall. The statue was sculpted and sited here in 1948. In the 1950s Robin Hood's bow was stolen on at least one occasion for its lead value. Security issues became much more of an issue later on in the 1980s / 90s as ownership of the Hall changed hands, making a relocation of the statue necessary. Today the statue is situated in the courtyard outside Thoresby Art Gallery, just 200 yards from its original site.

For more pictures of this Tussaud-Birt statue of Robin Hood see THIS LINK. Other popular Robin Hood statues are situated outside Nottingham Castle and on Edwinstowe High Street. To see pictures of them all click on THIS LINK.

For information about Robin Hood visit the Robin Hood blog.

At different times of the year the staff of the Thoresby Courtyard are known to decorate Robin Hood according to events. Here he supported the English World Cup Squad. At other times he has been known to dress as Santa Claus.

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Thoresby Hall.
Tussaud - Birt statue of Robin Hood as it once stood in front of Thoresby hall's entrance.

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Sherwood Forest, the Dukeries, Thoresby park, history.

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Pierrepont, Manvers, Dukeries, Thoresby Hall, Thoresby Hotel, Thoresby Park, Perlethorpe, Perlethorpe Village.

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