Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thoresby Estate workers c.1962

Seated on the steps leading from the Blue Dining Room into the gardens at Thoresby Hall, these seven workers were mostly based in the Woodyard on Thoresby Estate. Back row left to right: Ted Williamson (son of Jack, and one of the operators in the saw mill), Les Dennison, Charlie Leepins, Bob Dickinson. Bottom row left to right: William (Bill) Craig (foreman at the Woodyard and also known as Jock), Bill Nunn (plumber), Alf Dennison.

Any errors in these names / details can be reported via leaving a comment.

Above: A team of workers no doubt sent down from The Woodyard to clear the snow in front of the gates at Perlethorpe Church. The only person I can recognise with any certainty is Jack Kenyon on the left, who lived in the Almshouses. I believe the picture was taken c.1960. (Credit goes to former Perlethorpe School pupil David Reddish for making this photo available).

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