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Perlethorpe floods, Thoresby Estate, January 2014.

This Dukeries blog always concentrates on the historical aspect of the subject. However, because what happened in Perlethorpe Village, Thoresby Estate, 2014 , was in itself a historic moment with possible far reaching consequences, I thought a post about contemporary issues would be in order.

In late September, 2013, it was already apparent that the River Meden's water level at Perlethorpe bridge had risen significantly. Not only that, but it appeared to be in a state of stagnation rather than flowing. (See this video). By January, 2014, the condition had worsened dramatically, as these photographs show. Where the river runs through Budby, entering Thoresby Lake, the current was flowing freely and continued to do so as it passed Thoresby Hall at 7 Ton Bridge. The problem was clearly in the Perlethorpe region.

I had assumed perhaps wrongly that a lack of dredging in previous years had accounted for the problem, especially as the UK has seen a significant change in rainfall patterns. But I am informed that subsidence caused by mines beneath Thoresby Estate may have caused the problem. (The same kind of subsidence which affected the Hall so badly in past decades. See THIS LINK). Whatever the cause, the solution is likely to call for significant changes to that part of the village if the water remains. Would that mean the sad loss of the current bridge? Time will tell. But Perlethorpe might never look quite the same again.

Above: The view looking towards the village from the roadside near the old post office.

 UPDATE: March / April 2018. If anything, the situation is looking worse after recent rainfall.

 You can read more about Perlethorpe Village on THIS LINK and THIS LINK.

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