Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thoresby Estate walks. The "permitted walk" part 2.

This second video of Thoresby Estate Permitted Walk (late September 2013) takes the viewer through Perlethorpe Village and over the River Meden.

For Part 1 of these Thoresby Walks videos see THIS LINK. For historical information about Perlethorpe see THIS LINK.

UPDATE 2015: Please be aware these videos showing Thoresby Estate's Permitted Walks were made in 2013. Most areas are still accessible. However, that part of the route alongside the River Meden is currently (2015) off limits due to subsidence. Also the route down to Thoresby Lake has sadly been fenced off for (so I'm told) privacy reasons.

 UPDATE 2017: Please now be aware that both Perlethorpe Bridge and the road outside Perlethorpe Village Hall are now controlled by metal security gates. These may well be locked on certain days, such as Sunday, and wheel chair access may not be possible.

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