Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Perlethorpe School c.1953 / 54

Perlethorpe School children, with their two teachers, c.1953 / 54.

Mrs Storer was in charge of the juniors prior to the arrival of Mrs Ward. Mrs Bruce was the Headmistress, and in charge of the seniors as they approached the "11-plus" examination.

 UPDATE: My gratitude to one time school mate Allan Wignall (seen HERE) for sending me a full list of the above pupils' names courtesy of his sister Joan.

Back row from left to right. 1 Mrs Storey. 2 Carol Mendan. 3 Pauline Johnstone. 4 John Singleton. 5 Richard Gill. 6 Pamela Cooper. 7 Stewart Johnstone. 8 Sheila Carnitas. 9 Mrs Bruce.

Middle Row from left to right. 1 Robert Rayner. 2 Hazel Wood. 3 Ronald Pashley. 4 Janet Fuller. 5 Josephine Jackson. 6 Christopher Devereax. 7 Christine Mott. 8 David Reddish. 9 Philip Whittaker.

 Bottom Row from left to right. 1 Christopher Cooper. 2 Joan Wignall. 3 Rose Carrol. 4 Kenneth Mott. 5 Tommy Riddley. 6 Francis Hendem. 7 Christine Craig. 8 Cynthia Wilks. 9 Madelaine Crowden. 100% correct, at least phonetically.

Apologies to anyone whose name may be misspelled. Mistakes can be corrected upon request. For more about Perlethorpe School, now Perlethorpe Environmental Centre, see also THIS LINK and THIS LINK. For renovations to Perlethorpe School / Environmental Centre see THIS LINK.

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