Sunday, April 15, 2007

Three Gables, the Woodyard

Above: Three Gables, Thoresby Park, 1964. The kitchen extension is on the left. Below: A corner of the lounge, 1963.

Three Gables, built in 1876, is the main house by the road side at the Woodyard (see also THIS LINK), and was the customary residence of the Clerk of Works, such as Noel Whitworth in the late 1940s / early 1950s. A three bedroom house, one to each gable, the original kitchen was situated beneath the left gable before an extension with corrugated roof and plastic skylight was added. The original stone framed outside window was retained, making a fascinating feature to find inside a property. The former kitchen then became the central living room, but kept its cast iron range for cooking. This incorporated a small circular platform which would swing across over an open log fire to heat one's kettle. A drying wrack hung from the ceiling for the laundry which would be boiled in the copper stove in the "outhouse" across the yard to the left of the building. This copper stove was fundamental in the making of family Christmas puddings in the 1950's / early 1960s.

Three Gables was joined onto the Woodyard complex. In the very narrow, dark and dusty store next door were kept the shiny brass fittings for coffins, whilst a hand operated fire bell hung on the wall outside. In the early 1960s the property still featured an extensive garden laid out according to Victorian tradition; decorative flowers and lawns in front of the house, with vegetable patches and fruit bushes all formally arranged to the right alongside the Woodyard buildings. As can be seen in the photograph at the bottom of the page, this has long since gone.

Following the departure of Noel Whitworth the house was occupied for much of the 1950's and early 1960's by William "Jock" Craig, the Woodyard foreman.
Above: Three Gables, 1985. Below: c.1960, showing the formally organized Victorian style garden. The trees beyond are the Pleasure Gardens belonging to Thoresby Hall.

Above: As seen from the Thoresby Hayride of 2016.(Video on THIS LINK).

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